Jimmy was cast in March 2020 during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in a Pilot called ‘Single Broke Dad’. Jimmy is Starring as Rick who is a single broke dad who was a finance guy who loses it all and is forced to live with his Latina ex-wife and his teenage daughter.

They shot the pilot in May 2020 and the producers loved Jimmy and are now going to be shooting the whole series in the beginning of 2021 that will be streamed on Hulu, Amazon or Netflix.

Jimmy will also be Executive Producing and directing a few episodes of Single Broke Dad.

Jimmy is also in a new book that can be purchased on Amazon about the Entertainment Industrys top Comedians & Writers and also on the Cover click here https://moherbooks.com/

Jimmy is now Starring in and Executive Produced the Horror/Comedy filmed in Las Vegas that is now streaming on Amazon called the Pandering-Jimmy-DellaValle/dp/B08RHJFY26