About Jimmy

Jimmy Della Valle aka Jimmy D is from Brooklyn, NY and now lives in Los Angeles with the loves of his life his Latina Wife Vanessa and their 2 Cats Frankie & Fiona.

Jimmy has Headlined over 15,000 comedy shows in all 50 states since starting comedy over 2 decades ago.

Jimmy is constantly touring with over 300 shows a year and working on new material and just shot his 3rd comedy special for one of the 3 major streaming networks in 2023.

Jimmy signed a comedy special deal in 2018 and filmed a Clean 40-minute Comedy Special that went Viral for Dry Bar which is a clean comedy network that streams only clean content. All these comedy specials have gone viral with over 100 million views worldwide.

Jimmy’s act ranges from Clean to R-Rated to Explicit Material.

Jimmy is one of the Stars of the Viral Video Channel 3 “No Witness News” with over 100 million views worldwide. Produced by Damon Wayans Jr.

If Tony Soprano and Larry The Cable Guy had a baby it would be Jimmy Della Valle!!

Jimmy’s R-Rated Comedy Special It’s Just A Jimmyism started airing in November 2016 on Amazon Prime in the United States, UK, Germany and Japan.

Jimmy signed a deal in 2020 for the 2nd and 3rd season of his Sitcom Not For Nothin’ and then the Covid-19 Pandemic happened and filming is TBA.

Jimmy is well known for his high energy rapid-fire delivery, hilarious stories, and one-liners as well as amazing improvisation off the audience responses with Headlining performances that are always on the edge with his unique edgy streetwise point of view. From the second Jimmy touches the stage you are locked in until the crazy ride is over. Women want to do him….men want to be him…he might be The Most Interesting Comic in the World!

Jimmy is a hell of an actor too with many TV, Films, and commercials to his credit such as The Sopranos, Conan, Comedy Central, Without a Trace, My Name is Earl, Unfabulous, Oz, Sex and The City just to name a few. He has played many different characters in several independent feature films and just starred in his biggest role to date as Bruno in the Feature Film Rivers 9 that is now out on DVD with Vinnie Jones, Jamie Kennedy, Elizabeth Rohm.

With other efforts such as being a favorite of Piers Morgan on the summers hit show NBC’s America’s Got Talent, Jimmy has also headlined major comedy festivals, has a hit CD called It’s Just A Jimmyism (sold over 100,000 copies to date), and has a hit Podcast called Brooklyn Buddha (in the top 100 Podcasts in the World).

Jimmy Della Valle is A Stand up Comedian for over 25 years. Jimmy has Headlined over 15,000 comedy shows in all 50 states as well as performing for the Army, Navy, Air force and Marines at over 10 different bases Nationally and Internationally and always a favorite of the troops.

Jimmy is a personable guy, who’s like a “breath of fresh air”. This good looking “Character” Actor/Comedian grabs the attention of his audience and keeps them on the edge of their seats while discussing his life’s experiences from what it was like to grow up in a dysfunctional blue-collar family with a gambling problem since he was 3. Jimmy pushes his audience’s humor button to the next level with surprising one-liners, impressions, weird anecdotes, crazy stories about his past and present relationships as well as his audience interaction and amazing Improvisation off the audience’s responses which always makes for an extremely funny show.

He is constantly writing new material and would compliment any show with headlining performances that are always on the edge.

Jimmy is no stranger to the comedy stage. Don’t let his young looks fool you. He has been a comedian his whole life and got kicked out of catholic school in the 5th grade for being the class clown and was forced by the nuns to go to public school.

He has been making a living as a full-time comedian since 1991 from the first time he stepped on the comedy stages in New York City with his unique point of view, otherwise known as Jimmyisms. Jimmy can be seen Headlining all the major comedy clubs, casinos, and colleges across the country as well as corporate events. Jimmy also has many TV credits such as the Emmy winning HBO’s The Sopranos, CBS’s Without a Trace, NBC’s My Name is Earl, Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous, HBO’s Oz, and Sex and The City to name just a few. He has played many different characters in several independent feature films. He has also had a major recurring role as a comedian and favorite of Judge Piers Morgan on the summers hit show NBC’s America’s Got Talent where he shared the Stage with Las Vegas’s Mirage Casino and Favorite Headliner Ventriloquist and winner of America’s Got Talent Terry Fator, and The Three Redneck Tenors. Jimmy has also been seen on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing, and other countless Stand-up TV shows. He also has a hit CD called “It’s Just A Jimmyism” which has sold over 100,000 copies. Jimmy has also had his own XM satellite radio show that ran for 1 year on National Lampoon Comedy Radio as well as being heard on Sirius many times over the years. With his unique character look, streetwise flare, and macho vulnerability you will understand instantly why people love him whether it is in person on the comedy stage, TV, or Film. From the second he opens his mouth and you hear his sexy Brooklyn accent all women instantly love him and all guys want to hang out with him after the shows. Jimmy “D” if you are a gambler in the world of comedy is what you call a sure thing.

Jimmy has extensive acting training: at NYU, T.Schreiber Studios, ABC Primetime Casting’s Marci Phillips, Marcia Turner, Weist Barron’s Master Scene Study, Improv Teacher David Shuman. He also has been taught by one of New York City’s best “Sitcom” Acting Coaches JoAnna Beckson who trained Ray Romano and Kevin James two of the most famous sitcom comedians ever. Jimmy is also very athletic don’t let his big buddha belly fool you when it comes to pretty much any sport he can hold his own. If you don’t believe me just play him and you will lose your shirt as well as probably some money. Not only has Jimmy been an acting student he also helps teach stand-up comedy to aspiring young comedians as well as Improv and coaches fellow actors for auditions. Jimmy is the real deal he’s a true NY Character, Actor, Comedian, Voiceover Artist, Writer, and Master of Improvisation as well as he can pick up any Accent in a matter of minutes. When not filming a TV show Commercial, Voiceover, or Film, Jimmy is auditioning for Television and film roles almost every day in Los Angeles thanks to his wonderful agents. He is constantly studying acting in the master acting class at the Actors Academy with his favorite acting coach Lewis Smith who is one of the Stars of Quentin Tarantinos Django 2013 Starring Jamie Foxx and Leonardo Dicaprio and was a Movie Star in the cult favorite The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai and The Heavenly Kid to name just a few. Lewis Smith is Jimmy’s mentor and was also a favorite student of all the great acting coaches such as Lee Strasberg, Sandy Meisner, Stella Adler, Roy London and he also lived with the great Acting Icon Paul Newman who taught him all his little acting secrets which he has now passed onto Jimmy.

His Story

Jimmy Della Valle, born and raised in NY, now living in Los Angeles, confesses – “Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.” His streetwise edgy flare, macho vulnerability, and blue-collar twists are what allow Jimmy to keep audiences on the brink of laughter. For over 20 years, he has been a stand-up comedian entertaining at comedy clubs, casinos, corporate events, and colleges with his quick comedic timing, and his uniquely skewed observations. Jimmy is the real deal he’s a true NY Character Actor/Comedian, Voiceover Artist, Writer, and Master of Improvisation and Accents. Jimmy was born in Syracuse NY, then moved to Brooklyn, NY where several years later he met his wife in the famous Hamptons. Jimmy is now Living and Happily married in Los Angeles with his Latina wife who is his biggest fan and best friend as well as his 2 Cats Frankie & Fiona.

Most recently, Jimmy was on the hit summer NBC show “America’s Got Talent” where Judge Piers Morgan said, “I wanted to hate you with every bone in my body, but I loved you. You have the greatest comedic timing and delivery, I have ever seen in my life. You are hilarious!”. Jimmy was on 3 episodes of America’s Got Talent where 40 million-plus TV viewers watched each night for 3 weeks. Those ladies and gentlemen are Millions of comedy fans overnight and if you are lucky you can be next.