Quotes About Jimmy

“I can’t wait till you come back to Headline again you are so Original and Rapid fire delivery like no one I have ever seen before”
Jason Kutash General Manager of Levity Live in Nyack, NY

“With that unique delivery I bet you could read the Phonebook and still Kill!”
Judi Brown-Marmel Partner at Levity Entertainment Group

“I have never seen a delivery like yours before it’s so funny so quick and so smooth!”
Cody Leslie Manager of the Brea Improv

“Your act is hilarious you are definitely gonna be a star kid!”
Jon Lovitz Owner of Jon Lovitz Comedy Club and Famous Actor

“That was very, very funny when can we get you back at the club!”
Louis Faranda, Carolines Comedy Club NYC, General Manager and Booker.

“See how much funnier you are now that you took my advice?!”
Eddie Brill, Late Show With David Letterman Talent Booker

“I wanted to hate you with every bone in my body but you sir are hilarious!”
Piers Morgan, Judge, America’s Got Talent

“Congrats on moving on to the next round of America’s Got Talent!”
Simon Cowell, Judge, American Idol

“You are so funny you are Hofftastic!”
David Hasselhoff, Judge, America’s Got Talent and famous Actor

“I loved your set very funny!”
Chris Mazilli, Gotham Comedy Club NYC, Owner and Booker

“That was really funny I have never seen someone kill like that from beginning to end!”
Eric Abrams, All The Improvs Comedy Club Booker