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Booking Info:Harlan Halper at Kinkead Entertainment 646.467.5200 or Jimmy’s Personal Manager Russell Best at 919.533.6196 or

Jimmy Della Valle’s comedy stretches the spectrum of audiences. From good family fun to cutting edge routines, Jimmy D entertains crowds worldwide. Whether you have a comedy club, casino, college or a group of employees that need a good laugh, Jimmy D has a custom show ready to go at a moments notice.

Jimmy D also specializes in comedy theme tours. Jimmy’s past hit comedy tours are The Brooklyn Comedy Tour, The Guidos of Comedy in Las Vegas and presently Tall, FAT & Handsome. Jimmy D’s comedy tours can sell out your comedy club, casino or theater with blockbuster comics loaded with TV/Film credits that are hand picked by Jimmy to lock in a most memorable show. So if you have an open slot in your events schedule or you’d like to keep the laughs rolling hour after hour. Contact Jimmy’s personal appearance agent with your date and sort of humor you’re looking for from PG to PG-13 or R Rated performances. Jimmy D always delivers!

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Check out what the pros are saying!

Industry professionals know that Jimmy makes the difference especially when he’s up against the competition. “I have known you for years and just watched your 60 minute DVD and I loved it. I bet you could read the Telephone book and make me laugh. I love your delivery it’s fast paced with a NY street attitude original and always entertaining” Judi Brown, Partner at Levity Entertainment Group aka LEG.
“Your timing is impeccable and definitely one of a kind with a delivery like no other”General Managers of the Irvine, Brea and Ontario Improvs.
“I just love watching your act and I have seen everybody”
Jason Kutash, Levity Live, General Manager
“Your act is hilarious you are definitely gonna be a star kid!”
Jon Lovitz Owner of Jon Lovitz Comedy Club and Famous Actor
“That was really funny you always bring something new to the table!”
Eric Abrams, Improv Comedy Club Booker
“I really think you have what it takes to be a star”
Louis Faranda, Carolines Comedy Club NYC, General Manager and Booker.
“See how much funnier you are now that you took my advice?!”
Eddie Brill, Late Show With David Letterman Talent Booker
“I have never seen a delivery like yours before its so funny and so smooth!”
Jerry Springer Star of The Jerry Springer Show and Former Host of America’s Got Talent.
“I wanted to hate you with every bone in my body but you sir are hilarious!”
Piers Morgan, Judge, America’s Got Talent
“Congrats on moving on to the next round of America’s Got Talent!”
Simon Cowell, Judge, American Idol
“You are so funny you are Hofftastic!”
David Hasselhoff, Judge, America’s Got Talent and famous Actor
“I loved your set very funny and original!”
Chris Mazilli, Gotham Comedy Club NYC, Owner of Gotham Comedy Club




 Jimmy Della Valle on Mix 106 in Boise Idaho!

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